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The Beach Glass - The Floating Wine Glass

Is the best way to enjoy your wine, beer or cocktail on the beach, at the park, gardening or floating in the pool, lake, bathtub etc… Our design lets you stake this little beauty in the sand, grass or float it on water, freeing you from the burden of always having glass in hand, or worrying it will fall over on unstable surfaces.

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Keep Your Beer Ice Cold & Hidden/Cooler

Looks like a water bottle and hides your beer bottle inside. Insulated to keep your beer cold longer and protected bottle from breakage. Made for the typical Canadian 12 oz bottle such as Coors, Bud and Corona. Plus has durable Stainless steel. Oh yeah, there’s also a bottle opener in the attached to the cap.

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The Wine Hook

When sipping wine while on the dock, camping, at a bonfire or on your patio where do you put your wine glass? that’s why we made …. this handy solution. Our hook i s an outdoor chair stemmed glass holder that easily slides on the arm of most outdoor chairs (patio, Adirondack , camping chair and others) and securely holds your stemmed wine glass.

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