CORKPOPS – VinOstream – Aerate and dispense wine with one touch – DEAL 4 PACK – $45.5 each

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The NEW VinOstream from Cork Pops is surely a great fit for any fall entertaining or gift guides that are on your radar. The VinOstream is an innovative 2-in-1 wine aerator and dispenser designed to aerate wine while it is being dispensed from the bottle into the glass, giving any wine enthusiast premium wine in one fluid motion. Each cartridge will aerate and dispense approximately 2 1/2 (750 ml) bottles of wine. The unit is sold with two cartridges.

We have tested this clever gizmo and found it to be The fastest and easiest way to aerate and dispense wine on the market. With its soft rubber stopper that creates an air-tight seal, the dispenser draws up and filters wine into the glass, exposing the liquid to air to achieve fine aeration for softened flavors and enhanced aromas. It fits most wine bottles, perfect for all red and white wines and comes with 2 cartridges included.

Please note: Only ships with the following: 4 VinOstream & 2 cartridges per order.

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