DRAFT TOP LIFT® Indisputably the best way to enjoy ANYTHING out of a can



Indisputably the best way to enjoy ANYTHING out of a can

As seen on Shark Tank.. and yes we got a DEAL!

Say goodbye to the glug-glug pours, excessive foam, sore fingernails, and all-around UNenjoyable experience of drinking from cans.

MADE IN THE USA … Draft Top LIFT is the ultimate bar tool designed to safely remove and lift the top off beverage cans… allowing consumers to enjoy the full aroma and smooth pour of their favorite beverage, whether it’s an IPA, RTD, seltzer or canned coffee all without needing a glass or wasting a plastic cup.

All that’s left is to enjoy your favorite beverage.

  • Easy to use – so easy your grandmother can use it!
  • Garnish your drink
  • Add ice and spirits to a drink
  • Better than a draft experience
  • Reuse, recycle, repurpose

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One unit of Draft Top Lift per order.

The Science

Somehow, science seems to influence our decisions to try new products, and its likely because we all believe in the scientific method.

  • It’s the reason you’ll trade up for a Peloton, buy Under Armor apparel for an upcoming sport season, and why brewers & mixologists talk about the interaction of flavors, temperatures, and ingredients in their craft.

At Draft Top, sensory perception science is no different. It’s the reason most people don’t enjoy drinking out of cans. Until now!

  1. You can’t taste what you can’t smell. Try it. Pick something flavorful and hold your nose. Can you taste it?
  1. Objects closer to your nose tend to take priority with your sense of smell. So, when drinking from a can, the aluminum top is going to influence what you smell first. The aluminum top also blocks the aroma of the beverage inside.
  1. The smooth pour of an aromatic beverage, in this case beer or wine, fills your mouth evenly to cover all the taste buds. The old-fashioned tab opening sends the fluid directly past your tastebuds to the back of your mouth.
  1. When you drink from a can the old-fashioned way, your lips seal the opening which causes a vacuum, or clugging, that makes you full.
  1. So, you can either drink from a can like a sippy cup, or you can untap the potential of what’s inside and Drink Topless.

New Tool, New Rules!

Now that you have purchased the Draft Top LIFT, we wanted to let you know that the instructions.

These instructions are an important part of the operation of the tool. Following the documented instructions below and on the packaging is necessary for the LIFT to function properly.

If you’re a visual learner, here is a friendly how-to video for you. You can also scan the QR code on the bottom of the LIFT to access the how-to video at any time.

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Please read the instructions below.

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** AVAIABLE for retail stores for resell in a CDU counter top display & Clip Strip

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