Haley’s Corker® only 5 in 1® re-corker - smaller then a cork

Haley’s Corker® only 5 in 1® re-corker - smaller then a cork - 7 color options available. Each Haley’s Corker® ships with product info to explain all the 5 in 1® attributes.
  • Aerator – instantly enhances bouquet and flavor
  • Filter – helps prevent cork residue, sediment and tartrates  from entering your glass
  • Pourer – drip-free pour control
  • Re-corker – never struggle with a cork again
  • Stopper – store wine spill-proof on its side in the refrigerator
“No other wine stopper compares to yours. The design is simple and so perfectly functional. It complements the bottle design, and it just works – beautifully. Thank you designing this wonderful corker. It makes drinking and storing wine so easy and pleasant.” ~ Pamela G, Los Angeles, CA