Drink Tops™ Silicone Soda Can Covers | 6 pack Covers ($3.34 each)


Drink Tops™ Silicone Soda Can Covers | 6 pack Covers – imprinted ($3.34 each)

Enjoy drinking your beverage of choice with Drink Tops™ Silicone Can Cover – the ultimate solution to keeping your beverage fresh and protecting from unwanted bugs and pests! These ingenious silicone covers fit easily and snuggly over any standard sized can, from soda to carbonated water to beer.  With an innovative patent-pending design, simply place over the can and the inner rim will snap into place!  Whether it’s keeping your soda fizzing longer or protecting from unwanted visitors, Drink Tops™ Silicone Can Cover will have you covered!  Just Cover, Sip, and Enjoy!

  • Covers cans and seals into place with patent pending design
  • Protects drinks from bees and unwanted debris from entering
  • Keeps drinks fresher longer and reusable
  • Made with BPA-Free Silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Fits most standard sized cans
Please note: Only ships with one 6 pack per order.
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