Zand Amsterdam 4 way Convertible Skirt

World Wide Patent
Bring some color into your life!

Zand Amsterdam is a young innovative company who has introduced a fresh, funky and unique design to the world of women’s clothing.
The four sided wrap skirt is created with playful combinations of colourful fabrics which are eye catching and fun. Both frivolous and functional, the reversible design of the skirts allows women to celebrate their individuality and style, whilst minimizing the number of outfits they need.
With different vibrant fabrics on each side and a reversible top and bottom band, this is a skirt that enables women to create 4 distinct looks with ease.
The top band can also be detached and worn as a stand-alone belt with handy detachable pouch. All of this and more, the popper fastening system on the waistband adjusts from size 8 – 18 making them ideal for pregnant women or women whose weight may fluctuate.
Each skirt is a unique combination of fabrics resulting in a stunning collection of countless individual skirts in long (45cm), medium (35cm) and short (30cm).
These many innovative features combined in one skirt have given life to a piece of clothing so exciting and versatile that women from across the spectrum of age, style and size are drawn to the sense of adventure and possibility that it stirs up in them.

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